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10 New Tactics to Electrify Your Content Marketing



Content marketing involves the creating and sharing of relevant and useful content such as articles, videos, infographics and more for the purpose of gaining customers and making sales.

Content marketing has been around for a number of years and like all aspects of internet marketing, it is forever changing and evolving.  Keeping up with these changes is crucial for your content marketing campaign. However, one thing that does not change is that “Content is King”. 

Below are some new ideas for increasing the productivity of your content marketing efforts:

1. Engagement – Content marketing is no longer just submitting articles to some article directories. It has evolved into a much more detailed and powerful tool.   You want to engage people, get a buzz going about your content.  Be sure to participate with your readers to keep the interaction going.  Show a real interest in your readers’ questions, comments or feedback.  Providing useful relevant content is one sure way to create interest and involvement.

2. Upcycle Old Content – If you have some old content that has done well for you in the past, make it happen again.  Revive that old content by updating the facts, adding visuals, making it appropriate for now.  You have a new audience now with new information to present so upcycling can produce results.

3. Identify with Readers – When creating your content, be sure to put yourself in your readers’ place.  Become one of your readers and identify with them on what information they need, how to present it and how you would interact with it.  Read your content as if you were a visitor to your site and see how you would react to it.  If you find your content informative and helpful, chances are your readers will too.  Do not hold yourself above your readers because they will sense this and find other content providers. 

4. Visual Matters – Visuals have quickly become a crucial part of content marketing.  Our brains react to and process visual stimulation much more than mere text so using effective visuals is critical.  There are many places to get free stock photos but you may want to rise above that.  Find quality photos or create your own.  Infographics and videos are also a very effective way to grab your readers and increase the chances of turning them into customers.  People are more likely to watch a short video or scan an infographic then read a text-only article. 

5. Use a CMS (Content Management System) – A CMS is a computer application that helps you create, edit, publish, and organize your content.  Using such an application will increase your workflow and allow you to better manage your content for more successful marketing efforts.  Examples of such tools are My Content Management System Plugin from WordPress, MojoPortal, MediaCore for videos and podcasts and many, many more. 

6. Storytelling – Many companies will use storytelling as an effective means of drawing people in.  Stories invoke emotions and people are very often led by their emotions.  Make your stories real or realistic.  The more people can identify with the story the better the outcome.  Be sure the story is of value to your readers.  Teach a lesson, provide helpful insight or provide some other information to the reader.  A story without a purpose could miss the mark. 

7. Take Advantage of Technology – As with a CMS, you need to take advantage of all the technology and tools available to you today.  Do not shy away from it all.  Technology can help you increase your productivity as well as your success. 

8. Cross Promote Your Content – When presenting your content, add relevant links to some of your other content when the opportunity arises.  Let people know you have much more information available to them then the post they are reading now.  Share your content and links to other content with your social media followers and friends.  Encourage them to share the content as well. 

9. Multiple Sources – Provide numbers, statistics, and other pertinent data when applicable.  There are many sources available for you to obtain information so do not be afraid to take advantage.  Always give credit when necessary.  Use the news, forums, social groups, and other outlets.  Be informed and give your audience the information they want and need. 

10. Take It to the Limit – Push the limits, be bold, stretch the boundaries.  There are so many possibilities with content marketing now as opposed to a decade ago.  Be creative, use your imagination and make your content the best it can be.  No matter what you do, you cannot be all things to all people.  So, go for it!

About the Author:
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