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Do all your ebooks come with resell rights?

All our ebooks do come with either Master Resell Rights or Private Label Rights. The rights available should be posted on the salespage, if not, just email me and I will let you know.

Can I add the ebook store on to my existing site?

Yes, you surely can. The script easily integrates into existing sites as we have done with ours. You simply make a folder/directory for the ebook store files. Name the folder using keywords such as ebooks. The url for your store will then become http://www.yoursitenamehere.com/ebooks

Do I have to use just your ebooks in my store or can I get them anywhere?

We have no control over where you get your ebooks or what you put in your store. We, of course, would appreciate you buying all your ebooks from us, but it is not a requirement. You are free to do as you like with your business!

Are there restrictions as to the prices I can charge for the ebooks?

No, once you purchase the ebooks from us, you can charge any price you like for them. We recommend staying fairly low, about $5.00 – $10.00 for more sales. A lot of them do come with suggested retail prices but they are just a suggestion, not a requirement.

Can your ebooks be sold on eBay?

As of March 31, 2008 eBay no longer accepts digital sales via auctions. You can, however, sell your ebooks through the eBay classified ads or you can auction them off on CD.

Does the store come already loaded with ebooks?

No, once your store is installed you will need to add your ebooks. It is fairly easy to do this from the Admin section of your store. As always, I will be available to offer my assistance via email as best I can when needed.

Do ebooks really sell?

Before we started selling ebooks I would have said ” I don’t think so.” But now that we have experienced it, I cannot believe how well ebooks sell! It has been the most profitable and the easiest business we have been involved in.

These can’t be very good ebooks for just $1.00 and $2.00! How can you sell them at such a low price?

We try to check all our ebooks before they go in the store to make sure they actually contain some useful information and/or resources. We actually pay more for a lot of them but as a whole, it is worth it. We wanted to offer an affordable, legitimate, fairly easy business opportunity that people could call their own and run the way they choose to and not have to follow a “mother company’s” rules.

Do I have to offer the same packages and deals that you do?

No, you are free to package the ebooks as you like and to offer any sales, specials or deals that you want. A very few of the ebooks do have restrictions on bundling with other ebooks.

How much money do I get to keep from each ebook I sell?

You keep all the money! We are not an affiliate program. We do not pay you a commission. Once you purchase the ebook from us, we are not connected to your business or sales in anyway.

How hard is it to install the store?

It is not hard at all. There are a few basic steps to installing your store. They are all written step-by-step in the instruction sheet that comes with the store.

It is basically this: Create a database at your host, add your site, username, password, and database name to the conn.php file of the store script. Then add your banner to the store by putting it in the images folder. Next, upload the files to your host (in a specified folder if adding to an existing site)

If you are not adding the store to an existing site, just upload all the files as they are. Then go to a specified url (given in the instructions) Then your store is installed! Now you can customize and add your ebooks and start promoting your new ebook store!

How much are the resell rights?

The resell rights are included in the price that you pay for the ebook. There is no extra charge for resell rights or the Private Label Rights.

How do I collect payment for orders?

The store script is automated and set up to work with Paypal. The script does it all from taking the orders, to sending out the ebook links. You do not have to make Paypal buttons, set up the store with Paypal or anything. It is all built in the script. NOTE: You do have to have a Paypal account if you go with them.

What if I want to publish a newsletter?

Great! The script also has a mailing list feature with which you can capture subscribers and send out a newsletter. You can also do link exchanges or add links to your affiliate products/programs.

Do you need to know HTML to manage this store?

No, you do not need to know HTML to run your store. You add info into the script and the script processes it and generates the code. If you want to make involved changes to your store, you will need to know the PHP code and how to change it.

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  1. John says:

    Hi Terri, I’m liking what I have read in your post and replies. I do not have a website but would like to buy your ebooks and resale them. What are the book titles you have in store? How do I get started? I’m sorry for such an amateurish.


  2. Dee Foster says:

    I have a few questions. First, what is the difference between PLR and MLR? Second if we purchase a bundle package which includes the website what are we getting as the website? I seen where someone else had asked about it and was told they would have a yearly hosting fee and domain registration. So would the “website” that comes with purchase be just the program coding for a storefront to upload onto a hosting site of our choosing? If that is the case, could we just purchase ebooks from you and use our own website we create?


    • Hello Dee,

      Thank you for your interest in our resell ebook opportunity. Generally master resale rights means that the product cannot be changed and PLR means they can but all the products have individual restrictions.

      The website that comes with the packages is the same website we use for our ebook store at
      http://www.seymourproducts.com/ebooks-resell Yes, you certainly can just purchase our ebooks to sell on your own website. The site we offer is just a bonus and is not required.

      Warm regards,
      Terri Seymour

  3. Tre says:

    Im very interested in purchasing books from you… I just have a few questions. Do I have to buy one of the packages in order to buy a few of your ebooks? When I purchase an ebook am I the only one that has the exclusive rights to sale that ebook or are they sold to multiple people to sale them as they please? How often do you get new ebooks in your store?

  4. Van says:

    What is the cost your whole inventory package (2700 products), website, email support?

  5. Phyllis Brown says:

    I do not have a website yet. I am interested in selling books, some on amazon and some on other sites, but I want my own store. What is the price for you to do my store and hosting fees? Do you also have help with the advertising ideas I will need to bring people to my store? My funds are a bit limited but I have to start somewhere. I appreciate your info. I am very sceptical. I have been taken very many times. You seem authentic and I am hoping this will work for me.

    Phyllis Brown

    • Hello Phyllis,

      Thank you for your interest in our ebook store opportunity. I understand completely as I have been through several businesses as well until I started with ebooks. We do offer a great deal on our entire inventory package which includes the website, unlimited email support (to help you with questions about your store, marketing, advertising, etc.) and 2700 products for your new store.

      If you are skeptical, please feel free to email me with as many questions as you feel is necessary. I don’t want you to get involved unless you are sure this is what you want to do. Thanks again and let me know if you need anything else.

      Warm regards,
      Terri Seymour

  6. Craig Ewoldt says:

    We have our own books to sell. Can we simply buy a “bookstore” that allows us to sell our own ebooks? In other words, can we set up our own books, collect payment, and download to our customers from our website with software that we buy from you?



  7. Michael says:

    Hi there…My company, Chances Press, is planning on starting a website where all ebooks are one dollar. Once we would purchae the book for one or two dollars, are we able to set up the price? Can we upload our own books as well? Is it possible to configure the store were other writers can upload their books/check sales? What ebook file formats are accepted?

    Many questions I know! Thanks so much!

    • Hello Michael,

      Once you purchase ebooks from us, you can resell them at any price. You can upload your own ebooks as well too. You can sell any file format that can be uploaded. Are you interested in our entire inventory package deal?

      Thank you!

      Warm regards,
      Terri Seymour

  8. Bonnie Freed says:

    I don’t have a website set up for ebooks. I was planning on selling them on Amazon. However, almost all of the ebooks are in pdf format. To publish on Amazon they need to be in a word format. Do your books come in that format?

    • Hello Bonnie,

      All the PLR products do come with a word.doc file included. The Master Resell products do not have a word.doc file. Thank you for your interest in our ebook opportunity and if you need anything else, just let me know.

      Warm regards,
      Terri Seymour

  9. NANCY says:


    • Hello Nancy,

      Thank you for visiting us at Seymour Products. If you are interested in opening your own ebook store we have packages fit for every budget to help you get started. Our most affordable packages are $15.00. This includes 35 ebooks dealing with one niche subject – for example: child care. You will also get the ebook store website with this package. You can view all the $15.00 packages here – you can order as many as you like at this low price.


      Also, if you want to start big, we have our entire inventory package deal. This includes about 2700 products, the ebook store website, unlimited email support and as a free bonus, the next three months of ebooks free. You can view the details here:

      Warm regards,
      Terri Seymour

  10. Keith Johnson says:

    Terri, I am interested in purchasing the $300 deal that you have. How much are the web hosting fees? Since I have been purchasing the resale rights from you. I have been selling about 40 books per month on Amazon.com @ $4.99 each but have to wait 60 days after each month to get paid. Do you offer customer support for the store?


    • Hello Keith,

      Thank you! If you purchase hosting from http://www.icdsoft.com the cost is $120 per year with $5.00 for your domain registration. Yes, I do offer unlimited email support anytime you have questions or need help with your store. Just to let you know, you do not have to use the host I recommend but I know they work well with the script and they have excellent support. Thank you Keith and let me know if you have additional questions.

      Warm regards,
      Terri Seymour

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