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I really need to compliment you. Your products are awesome and mind blowing!!! I have never read ebooks that are so informative and clearly written. I will probably become a regular customer. I am busy with my website and as soon as I have upgraded I am going to start my own on-line store. People need to see this and it is really going to help my business as well. Thank you very much. *Beatris

Thanks so much for the fast response!! Your ebooks are great, so much terrific info. I only regret I wish I used your ebooks sooner. Many thanks to you. Yes, please keep the ebooks coming. I am new in the affiliate marketing biz. I write about two articles a week. These ebooks come in handy not only for me but for my readers. My hats off to both of you. Many, many thanks. *Terry W.

"Terri is very knowledgeable in her field and is always there to help. She handles everything in a timely manner and responds quickly when you have questions. Terri is a wealth of information and I highly recommend her services." * Denice

It's not often people or companies care enough to take the time to follow up on a question as you did. It really bodes well for you and your company. No wonder you have built a successful business. Congratulations! * Steve

I am on the verge of returning a program that I have purchased from a business which I will not name and by the way she is a multimillionaire. I was drinking my tea, still researching for my business and I have been stuck on your website and I have received so much information for FREE, FREE, FREE and it really blows my mind. Not only in your articles and e-courses, but you also give websites that may be helpful as well. So, I just wanted to say thank you and may God bless you and your business. * Denise

I've already downloaded the books. All of them downloaded quickly and easily. I must say I am impressed with the quality of the books at the value price of only 1.00 each! Your store is excellent! Thank you very much! * Rita

"Thanks a lot again! I really love the way you treat your customers. It is kind of amazing that you are willing to take your time to help. I feel so very lucky that I found your service and willing to have more business with you if I finish this stuff." * Al

I am so excited to be getting DMT really rolling and you have sooooooo many wonderful eBooks! * Claudia

Yesterday I ordered 40 E-Books from you. I was impressed with how quickly I received the links to download the books. I want to start a E-Book web store to sell E- Books * Mike

Hi, Terri, Thanks for sending the ebooks. I always love getting ebooks from your site! They are great. * Kyna

Wow - now that is service! I thought I was good but even I don't respond that quickly to people! No wonder your site has such a good rating! * Steve

Thank you so much Terri, I am very impressed with you and your site and will be purchasing more for my eBook business soon! * Karen

GREAT website header. Excellent work. May I ask: Where do you get all the energy to do so much with so little time? Never seen so much dedication. You amaze me! If I don't do well with a website and help like that, then I will NEVER! * Andrew

Thank You!! You're an angel. I just wanted to let you know that since I have purchased your product I have found the true meaning of "Excellence Customer Service". I have bought several products from different companies lately and you have been the most supportive person I have dealt with. I think I caused my own problem but you worked to get me answers. I have to say Thanks again for being a friend and not ignoring me after you received my money. * Debra

Seymour Products is a wonderful company focused on helping clients and the community. The team has been so gracious in helping me and I cannot thank them enough. I highly recommend! * Diane

I just found your site today and will probably be here for the next couple of weeks!!! No kidding!! This is absolutely wonderful!! Information, information information gee I feel like a sponge!! Thank you, Thank you and THANK YOU!! * Pat

Thank you Terri. :) I will definitely be checking out your website more. Lots of interesting business opportunities. * Brenda

Thanks for taking so much time answering my questions. The store package you have is great! It took no time at all to get it up and running on my own service. After playing around with the files for a while, I'm thinking I'll be able to do a lot in order to customize the look and feel of it in short order so kudos on a simple, automatic package. It came as a big relief to me to be able to NOT WORRY about trying several other commercial packages when this one was so easy! And the price is hard to beat too! Thanks for this store package! * Mike

I am totally overwhelmed by your integrity. In the few months since I started trying to sell on the internet I have encountered everything but. Thank you . * Charlotte

I definitely made money with Seymour Products ebooks. I bought three ebooks for one dollar each and within a few days, I made $50! Not bad for a $3 investment. *Karen Sayles

Thanks so much for the great ebooks! I'm just getting started in my online business(es). There is so much great info here, it's unbelieveable! Can't believe I didn't do this a long time ago! Again, thanks for all the useful info! Can't wait for my first newsletter! *Ruth Baldwin

You're a blessing! I would definitely recommend you to anyone looking to start an ebook business. * Karen

I have bought several of your eBooks and doing great selling them. EBooks are such a great idea! *Kimberly

I will definitely be coming back for more as soon as I get these completed. I love the ecourse on your site. It is finally so refreshing to see that someone is willing to give free info that is actually worth reading. *Norma

Just wanted you to know that I really enjoy your ebooks. When I purchase them I know exactly what I am getting. You are honest and reliable. If I need a question answered, you answer it. Most of the ebook sites are like the point of no return. Thank you and keep up the good work. *Irene

Software & Scripts
Article Helper

Price: $ 1.00

This neat software exe tool is meant to, as the name implies, help you write articles. It will put your "in-progress" and completed articles all in one spot, you can organize them by word count, title, niche.

Article Helper functions as a basic text editor, and allows you to work on articles and come back to them later, never losing track of anything.

Normally sells for $5.00 but you pay just $1.00 here!


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We are a company based in the UK and having done some research we choose Seymour Products and we are very pleased we did. Their range of books is excellent and their prices are very competitive. We must stress that equally important is the after sales support. There is a time lag of about six hours between the UK and US. We are always amazed how quickly we get replies to our questions. There is very little Seymour Products will not do to support their clients. So we are very pleased and confirm that Seymour Products is an excellent supplier in every way. Your risk factor is very close to zero. *Bob and Chris Male

"On Friday, I purchased several of your ebooks and ecourses. I am Very Impressed with your website, your designwork, easy navigation (better than any I've seen on ebook stores), and I was able to find what I need immediately. Plus your ReadMe text files are very informative and well explained. You took the time to actually personally write the ReadMe files-- Very Impressive Terri!! Just want to say "Thank you" for having such a great store!" *Susan

"Purchasing Terri Seymour's book store was an excellent choice to start my own online store. Terri even installed it for me! The shopping cart and Paypal links were already set, ready to receive orders. All I had to do was upload my products, give it a category and a price tag! Without any previous experience in web merchant accounts or the ICD webhost, I still was able to accomplish this in a very short time. Adding text and images were very simple. Terri provides excellent customer service! She is so wonderful and patient as I had many questions before and after my purchase. I couldn't have done it without her! Thank you so much Terri!" * Luanne

I am very impressed with your website. It is so hard to find a legitimate website these days. I have been tricked into spending a lot of money on worthless websites that only care about getting your money at any expense. Your website is truly a breath of fresh air. * Sandra

I really enjoy the content of your newsletter every week. And the value you offer in your ebook selection is second to none. Most other sites charge at least 3 times your prices! You provide so much value that I can't imagine getting my ebooks from anywhere else! * Greg Ahrensfeld of

As a serious buyer of resell rights products I have visited 100's of sites all over the internet and I must say... Seymour Products offers the most complete database of resale rights eBooks, software and other products. I found many products and resources which other websites didn't have...
I highly recommend them!
Goran of Indigital Works

"Just letting you know that I really like your store. I am an absolute cheapskate and you got me to spend $81!!! All the best in your business and the whole idea of selling things for a dollar is genius!" * Michelle

"Seymour Products offers great products and services in the industry that I work in. I have not found a better provider of information products on the web. Their products and services have boosted my sales tremendously." * Peter

Other sites can have a real automated feel but yours still has a great human factor... * Martin

Thank you for your always impeccable customer service! * Susie

Thanks a lot Terri. I'll look at your site for more purchases and will for sure only look at your site for any further purchase I'll do! * Dominique

I must say that I was very pleasantly surprised at your "super-quick" response to my original email considering the fact the I have written to others, and never received a reply whatsoever! * Carl

Thank you for the quick response a dollar per book is a steal, great value. I will be back, promise. *Keith

Having a company like yours (introduced to me via Derek Gehl - The Internet Marketing Center) is of paramount importance to me. Thank you once again for your immediate response, I am now totally hooked on Seymour Products and will return many, many times as I build my own on-line business. * Vince

I have just found your website and i think its great. Your website is what i have been searching for to puchase eBooks for my website at the right price's. Please Sign me up for your NewsLetters. * Barry

I really do love your site, it has a very good feel about it and loads of useful info. There are also many ebooks that I am interested in. * Paul

You're the best. I am so glad I found your site and will do everything to promote it. Thanks again. * Terri

Thank you Terri for the quick response. Great customer service, I look forward to purchasing again. * Kevin

My store looks great ! I will buy from you again. Thank you very much. * Masa

First let me say that you guys have a great start up pack. The script to upload, and access to a quality server, is worth the price alone. It is brutal out here, trying to find honest and accurate information. The thing that sold me on you guys was the REAL information given in the first five lessons of your Ecourse. *Joseph

Thank you again, it's so nice to deal with you. To be honest I first tried one of those gimmicky eBook "gurus". It didn't take long before I realized that everything a person purchases from him leads to another purchase and another and another. He said his program included so much but what it really included was links to buy his ebooks. I got my money back and found you! You're a breath of fresh air. * Teri

Thank you very much and I am so excited to market your eBooks. I will be back for more. I have just referred your store to my best friend from the US. He loves eBooks!!! =) I did not expect such gracious offer, thank you so much. I am so glad to have met you and to have found this wonderful opportunity!!! I love your site, your products, and the promise that this business brings. * Bernadette

I just thought I would take a moment to thank you for the wonderful opportunity that you provide. I purchased my items yesterday and have already made my money back, plus 4 times what I invested for the ebooks and software and I haven't even placed them on my site for sale yet! I am truly amazed. *Amanda

Let me tell you that you have been one of the most helpful, quick to respond, kind people I have worked with in a long time. You offer a wonderful service and I am so excited that I found your website. I wish that I had found it months ago, but everything happens when it is supposed to. *Megan

I love this website. I think it is great that you have great ebooks for $1. It's people like you that make it easy for people to get started on the internet, to start their own business. And I haven't seen these ebooks before. I have a hard time getting good books to read. Thank You and keep up the good work. Have a great day. * Beverly


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