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Effective Web Design – Ten Rules

Most of the people think that it is visual appearance that
determines a site’s success or failure,  but in fact it is usability
that determines a site’s fate.  No doubt that visual appearance does have
involvement in a site’s success but first thing is usability. After all it’s all
about the user; in the end a user has to use the site and has to decide

Bounce Rate: The Arch-Nemesis of Any Website Owner

If a lot of people come to your website and then leave
immediately, you have a
bounce rate problem on your hands.
Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who
come to your site and then
depart without viewing any other pages.

How to Create Killer Website Landing Pages

What is a landing page… this is a page on your website, focused
on important information about your company, your products
or services, informational and educational content related to your
business, sometimes offering free materials to the visitor, such as
e-books, etc.

Top Ten Ways to Peeve Your Website Visitors

How did peeves become pets? Don’t know. Don’t really care. But all of us have our pet peeves when it comes to surfing the net for information. 
angry woman
Here are the top 10 according to many surveys: