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10 Twitter Tactics to Increase Your Sales



Many of the most popular social media sites started as more of a
personal place for friends to socialize but quickly became powerful tools
for businesses to market their product and services. 

Tips for Using Facebook to Sell Products

As a small business owner, it is essential for you to use every resource
available for marketing and promotions, especially at the lowest price
possible (free!). Although you already have a website and a loyal
following on your email or contact list, expanding to social media outlets
could give you the boost you’re looking for in order to tap into a whole
new following of potential customers.

Using Hashtags in Social Media Marketing


You don’t have to like it, but hashtags are now a part of our culture. They flash
onscreen with alarming regularity during our favorite shows and sporting events and
they populate our feeds on just about every social media site.

2014 Dos and Don’ts of Social Media


Useful Facts About SEO and Social Media


How do SEO and social media help drive traffic to your online business?

15 Pinterest Tips for More Productive Pins

Pinterest, a very prominent social media site, is now just behind
Twitter in popularity and is growing rapidly.  Pinterest incites
more referral traffic than Twitter and LinkedIn combined.  Obviously,
this popular social site could do a lot for your business and online
presence but as with all tools, it must be used properly.

Facebook’s New Contest Guidelines Can Give Your Business a Creative Edge

At the end of August, Facebook changed its guidelines for
the way businesses can run contests and promotions. In the past,
contests had to be held through third-party apps, but now Facebook will
allow businesses to hold these promotions on their own timelines.

What Everybody Should Know About YouTube Marketing

When someone says social media marketing, what immediately
comes to mind?

10 Strategies for More Facebook Fans

Facebook is the most popular social media networking site on
the internet.  What started out as a gathering place for college
students has become a very powerful marketing strategy for online
and offline businesses. 

20 Ways to Market Your Business on Pinterest

Pinterest opened for business in 2010 and, in 2011, Time
Magazine listed Pinterest in an article titled “50 Best Websites
of 2011.” 
It quickly rose to be one of the top social media sites.