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Google’s “Pigeon” Update Boosts Local Directories



On July 24, Google went public with a new algorithm change that, as
opposed to affecting online retailers and businesses, pertains mostly
to brick and mortar stores by modifying local directory listings. What
does it do and how does it affect your business?

Search Engines — What’s In and What’s Out


What Happened to Google Authorship?

One thing we all know about Google is how often it makes changes. It is
constantly staying on top of the Internet, any and all spam, and how people
search, which is great for searchers and businesses alike. Unfortunately,
these can also mean major changes just after you’ve gotten into the swing
of things. This is how the Internet works, and now a major change has
happened that you should know about – Google is mixing it up with Google
Authorship. It is still important for your content, but the changes are quite
significant. This blog is going to inform you of these changes and how
important Google Authorship has become.

How to Optimize Your Content for Social and Search


50 Top SEO and Link Building Tips You Need to Be Using


 I’ve written articles that have gone viral around the world
overnight and
I’ve been featured in local and national media, yet
the main question I get
asked is “How do you do your SEO?”

Google PageRank Defined

Google PageRank Defined


PageRank, sometimes abbreviated as PR, is a mathematical voting system based on
the links pointing to a web page. It started as a research project at Stanford
University and was the initial prototype that led to the creation of Google in 1998.

10 Clear Ways to Help People Find Your Site

Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, is the process in
which you
rearrange your site to get a higher ranking in the
search engines, thus making
it possible for more people to find your
site.  There are many things you can do
to optimize your site for more
exposure in the search engines. There are also
many things you should
not do because you and your site could be penalized.

10 Strategies for Greater Backlinks

A backlink is simply a link to your site from another site.
Backlinks are also
referred to as inbound links, incoming links and inward links.  Having a good amount of backlinks leading to your site can do a lot for your search engine ranking.  Your goal is to have numerous backlinks from authoritative sites and sites that are relevant to your site.

There is No Duplicate Content Penalty!

The SEO industry has been plagued for years by a lack of consistency with SEO terms and definitions. One of the most prevalent inaccurate terms we hear is “duplicate content penalty.” While duplicate content is not something you should strive for on your website, there’s no search engine penalty for having it.

10 Tips for a Spider Friendly Site