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 As a stay at home Mom with two boys and a very hard-working husband, I wanted to contribute to our income but I also wanted to be home to take care of my family.  I started trying to make money online.  I tried several different home-based businesses but none of them really took off.  I tried selling for other companies but I was not really working for myself and I didn’t get much of the profits.

After about five tries that did not work out for me, I discovered resell ebooks. eBooks have done so well that I want to share this great opportunity with you and show you how to make money online!

Seymour Products has been in the ebook business for 10 years and has helped numerous people start their own online ebook reseller home-based business. We can help you too!

Seymour Products believes in running a business with a pride and confidence that shines through in our work. Seymour Products is a friendly, personal, yet completely professional place where you can find what you are looking for and get the service you seek.

So, are you ready to make more money online? Are you ready to be your own boss and change your life? Seymour Products is here to help you do just that!

Click here to make your own success and change your life!

“Purchasing Terri Seymour’s book store was an excellent choice to start my own online store. Terri even installed it for me! The shopping cart and Paypal links were already set, ready to receive orders. All I had to do was upload my products, give it a category and a price tag! Without any previous experience in web merchant accounts or the ICD webhost, I still was able to accomplish this in a very short time. Adding text and images were very simple. Terri provides excellent customer service! She is so wonderful and patient as I had many questions before and after my purchase.  Thank you so much Terri!” * Luanne

“As a serious buyer of resell rights products I have visited 100′s of sites all over the internet and I must say… Seymour Products offers the most complete database of resale rights eBooks, software and other products. I found many products and resources which other websites didn’t have… I highly recommend them!” Goran of Indigital Works

You can read many more testimonials from satisfied customers here.

Please feel free to email me anytime if you have questions or comments about anything on our site.    Thank you!

Terri Seymour
Owner, Seymour Products

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6 Responses to About Seymour Products

  1. metha says:

    Just got your latest posting, you have outdone yourself with the listing of all the social media. It is so nice to have it all listed in one place.

    The quote goes, “How do I love thee…”

    Well, I love your newsletters, PLR, wit, wisdom and great advice.

    Thank you for all you do!

    Metha Sizemore

    • Thank you so much Metha! I appreciate you as well. I enjoy finding helpful information and resources for my visitors as well as myself. Thank you for visiting us on a regular basis!

      Warm regards,
      Terri Seymour

  2. SEAshelllady says:

    Greetings from PA! I have a long-time onlin baby boutique and came across your listing on the My Precious Kid reciprocal link directory. Do you have e-books that specifically deal with parentings and child-rearing and family-friendly topics that I could resell from my online presence? If so–how do I get started with your company?

    Sure hope we can start a win/win relationship.

    S. Abendschoen

    • Hello Sharon,

      Thanks for writing. I do have several categories that would fit your needs including, home and family, parenting, education and homeschool, etc. If you would like to discuss a bulk purchase discount I would be glad to hear from you anytime. You can view all our categories here: http://www.seymourproducts.com/ebooks-resell

      Thanks again and let me know if you need anything else.

      Warm regards,
      Terri Seymour

  3. kevin connolly says:

    Hi, my name is kevin connolly im hoping to start an internet business selling ebooks software an the likes but every where i turn there is more info,long videos,big speech’s i can only take so much crap you probabaly know how it feels.I am 29 years old a qualified dryliner with a 5 year old daughter a rented house an car,there is no work here because of the ression any contact’s i knew are long gone bust.Im not a greedy person i no how hard it is to make money and how it feels to lose it,most of all i have a concience i could’nt take money off struggeling people like my self unless they will see a reward from it to.

    • Hello Kevin, I understand completely. There are a lot of scams out there. I have been through some of them myself. eBooks have been successful for many people. I tried several businesses before starting in ebooks and I have been doing very well ever since. If you would like to talk more about starting your own ebook business please feel free to email me anytime.

      Thank you!

      Warm regards, Terri Seymour

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